Professor Alan Moncrieff and Lead Poisoning in Children


Sir Alan Moncrieff (1901-1971) attended Caterham School from 1912 – 1918. He joined the staff of The Hospital for Sick Children as house physician in 1925. He studied in Paris and Hamburg before returning to become the medical registrar and pathologist to Great Ormond Street Hospital. In 1945 he was appointed the first Nuffield Professor of Child Health at the University of London. He was Medical Correspondent to The Times and author and editor of many books. In 1961 he was the first to receive the James Spence Medal of the British Paediatric Association, and in 1964 he was knighted.

In 1963, Moncrieff and others submitted the article:
Lead Poisoning in Children
(A. A. Moncrieff, O. P Koumides, Barbara E. Clayton, A. D. Patrick, A. G. C. Renwick, and G. E. Roberts)
which was published in
Archives of Disease in Childhood. 1964 February; 39(203): 1–13.
The article can be seen at:
a full copy is held in the Object Retrieval Materials Repository.