British Medical Journal - Article on Great Ormond Street Pathology Collection

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The toy car, which is part of the UCL Pathology Collection, was kept as 'evidence' from a case of infant lead poisoning in the 1960s by the clinical team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The entire pathology collection from GOSH is now housed at Royal Free Hospital and is part of the UCL Museums & Collections.

The articles attached as image files are taken from the correspondence pages of the British Medical Journal from March and April 1988.

In the March edition it is implied that the Great Ormond Street Hospital Pathology Collection was mislaid (with many interesting and important specimens) on the dissolution of the GOSH museum.

In the April edition RA Risdon and GW Anderson from GOSH Department of Histopathology and PC Bates from Royal Free Hospital, explain that the collections of GOSH have been in the care of the museum of pathology at the Royal Free Hospital since 1985.