Copper is restless until it becomes gold

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“Copper is restless until it becomes gold”
Meister Eckhart (c.1260-c.1328) German theologian, philosopher and mystic.

With this statement in mind I began series of to chine collée etchings under the title Navigator. The process involves carefully placing glued collage paper face up on top of the copper plate before printing and I employed a variety of gold and silver papers from Asia. Over a number of years I had looked at ways of making new colours. It was not so much a desire to find new colours, as colour in itself was never my interest, but as a vehicle for describing a quality of light. As the ideas behind the work became less analytical and more reflective so the quality of the light followed and the introduction of a various forms of shiny surfaces. The reflective qualities of gold and silver invert the colour of things. The work is about reflection, the physical quality of material and its quality as a vehicle for internal reflection and meaning. These series of prints represent the journey and the journeyman, travelling and circumnavigating our internal territory.