Flourescent x-ray machine depicting metal content


The toy car was taken to the institute of Archaeology to be put into their XRF machine (flourescent x-ray) by lab technician Simon Groom. He was testing it to detect what kind of metals it is made of.
The analysis shows that it is 93.25% zinc, 6.040% aluminium and the rest a mixture of phosophorous, iron, nickel, tin, maganese and cobalt, basically what the lab technician termed as dirt...
It is believed according to Chris Lagen a PHD researcher on pewter who came into the lab whilst x-raying that the zinc is a sheet metal. The car has most probably been galvanised covering a core metal to stop it rusting, this would be a cheap pot metal - mostly iron based. However it will be analysed further in the mechanical engineering department as most people think it is die cast.
Zinc is generally a soft metal and not popular to use, the vapour pressure is low when melting which means lots of gas comes off when using it and zinc vapour goes everywhere!
The images show the process as well as the data created - three beams were generated and the peaks of zinc and aliminuim are clearly seen.