1960 Ford Sunliner 6.0 V8 Hybrid


This car is not only an image of the paint industry in the United States and Europe in the 1960's, it tells us more. This car represents a grand new issue that threatens the very survival of mankind.

It is called global warming or climate change...have you ever heard of it? Probably not.

However, I want to spread the word here. This very car, a 1960 Ford Sunliner 6.0 V8 probably had a mileage of 3 to 5 kilometers per liter of petrol. Now, 50 years later, cars have an average mileage of 12 to 20 kilometers per liter. It has cost us, with help of carmanufacturers and oil companies, FIFTY years to make cars three times as efficient(!). What is better, buying a prius or buying this old 1960 Ford Sunliner? The production cost of a Prius is huge, and a lot of carbondioxide is emitted by its production ...by buying an old car you can prevent this...you just need to do some calculations...You can also just buy a bike. Ok, what I'm trying to say is: Climate change is not climate change is not global warming, a prius is not green, it's BLACK. It's simply a trick by toyota to earn more money...

Have a good day!