UCL course: 

“The object”, is such an impersonal name for it. My entry isn't about my reaction to the object because it is just as it is, an object. There is nothing intrinsically interesting about it. If anyone saw in on the ground they would probably just walk passed it.

However, because of the situation, people have been forced to interact with it. The result of this has been many letters and measurements probably some poems, but what I don't like is this: every reaction is more about the person observing it than the object itself.

For example if you measure an aspect of the object, then that is more about your wish to measure then a wish to discover the size of makeup of the object. The same is true if a poem is written it is more about your wish to write a poem then the object.

There is nothing wrong with this after all the object is just an object; dead, non-existent. However I can't help feeling sorry for it. All this focus on the object but no one cares what the object really is. The truth is it's nothing, just an old toy car, that's all it wants, to be a toy car. And that's what it really is. All this new knowledge doesn't change its existence; despite all this attention it is still the same as it was at the start, or would be if you found it on the street.