The virtual encounter with the sunliner: 3D laser scan of the model car

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Prof Stuart Robson/ Mona Hess, UCL CEGE
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UCL Museums and Collections
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Geomatic Engineering

The car model has been scanned using a state of the art Arius3D Foundation Model 150 Colour Scanner at the Chorley Institute at UCL, which is unique in the UK, to create detailed object ‘fingerprints’.

The 3D scanner is able to deliver 3D coloured point data at a sampling interval of 0.1mm (~250 dots per inch) at an accuracy of the order of 0.025mm over the surface of an object. The scanner collects 3D geometry information through the use of a laser triangulation system, whilst colour is collected by analysis of the reflected light from three lasers at 638 nm, 532 nm, and 473 nm.

The E-Curator project has been researching high-resolution 3D colour imaging of museum artefacts and developed an interface for sharing the 3D images over the web.

The 'Ford Sunliner Model Car 3D virtual model' should soon be available over the E-Curator 3D archive, hopefully before Wednesday midnight.