Eleven Routes across America

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PART ONE (Some Road Trips): Overland Tour 35,000 miles of Classic Blacktop East to West (1) Pacific Coast: Olympic National Park to San Diego (2) Border to Border: Canadian Rockies to the Rio Grande (3) Road to Nowhere: North Dakota to Matamoros (4) The Great River Road: Lake Itasca, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico (5) Appalachian Trail: North Woods of Maine to Atlanta, Georgia (6) Atlantic Coast: New York City, New York, to the Tip of Florida (7) The Great Northern: Seattle, Washington to Acadia National Park, Maine (8) Oregon Trail: Oregon Coast (Washington State) to Provicetown, Maine (9) Loneliest Road: San Francisco, California to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland (10) Southern Pacific Road: San Diego, California to Savannah, Georgia (11) Route 66: Los Angeles (the loneliest and most brutal of cities), California to Chicago, Illinois. PART TWO (Extracts): mad drunk Americans The Sun was reddening-slowly joining -yelling across the night-submitting to SEX immediately withour proper preliminary talk - turning at a dozen paces (for love is a duel) - you know you are wretched and poor and blind and miserable - leaving confusion and nonsense behind and performing our one noble function of the time - it seemed like a matter of minutes - the golden land's ahead of you (adapted from "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac).