Hey Toots- you wanna play?

This submission is a response to an existing submission: 

I am interested in the car being a ‘Tootsie toy’; named after the daughter of the founder already giving it a feminine origin. ‘Tootsie’ is American slang for a girl or a young woman. It is also sometimes used to refer to a sweetheart, darling and even a prostitute. So, the car itself has a ‘creator’s’ name which is steeped in female-ness and sexuality but of course most people associate toy cars mainly with boys. Using ‘Tootsie’ depicts the sweetness, petite nature, a cute object – a scaled down version of the dominating, loud transport systems used in the 60’s (The Ford Sunliner is the widest ford ever produced). Is Tootsie the feminine aspect used to give it a palatable, gentle and consumable place in the toy market? So appealing that you may want to eat it?? However in this case the car has been a source of possible poisoning so the agreeable and charming qualities have been turned around...