Turning the post-its from blue to yellow: perpetual beginnings, roads not taken, getting nowhere fast – reflections on the WeekdayDaytime shift.

This submission is a response to an existing submission: 

Thursday evening:
Reflections of our manic day today (the first day shift) lead Catherine and I to come to terms with the reality that we may not be able to actually conduct any of the Object Retrieval research ourselves. Our day is taken up with our role as facilitators, creating connections between members of the university community, their research, and the Object in question. Being a perpetual stimulant to others rather negates any opportunity to produce anything ourselves, and I find myself writing hopeful blue post-it notes that I know I will never be able to address.

Friday morning:
I slept last night on a bed of beginnings, which I spent my journey here preparing to let go. “Eating and ethnicity”, “ways that cars poison people”, and “private and public transport and collections” will live forever as vats of information I could have digested, questions I could have dug my teeth into but couldn’t get a hold of whilst being flung in all directions by the erratic collective driving of a decommissioned Routemaster.

I arrived to find that in the depth of night, as I lay in bed worrying about things finishing before they had even begun, one of my hopeful blue post-its had begun to turn yellow. “Conservation practices: was this a botch job?” has become a discussion about the very process I fretted over. It has also become, or initiated, a conversation about the process of Object Retrieval.

My faith restored, I begin to engage in this conversation with a recall of that botched first morning (I was late). Once again my attempts at considered, analytical thought have to be abandoned; visitors are arriving on the bus and I need to turn them into inhabitants.