My first family car


My Dad's first car was black as night with big chrome stripes down the side and a step so high I had trouble climbing in. I think it was called an Anglia! There were six children in our family and we went to the seaside every weekend in this big black ship. We had to stand' us little ones' as there were only five seats and mum and dad sat in front whilst we all crammed into the back with our dog rufus and my Aunt Mary who cried the whole way !

The sea was cold, and the waves harsh and once dads car got stuck in the sand! we had to summon help from the fire brigade ! Our sandwiches were made of sand and Marys teeth got lost in same! and she cried some more! brown teapots arrived full of hot strong tea and we shivered in the sand while the car sank and sank and the lovely leather seats got wet and slushy and Mary cried!

That car was definitey male, big and strong and protective! somehow I just knew as I hung out of the back window wind blowing in my face, that I would be ok! despite the smell of damp dog, my two brothers bony knees in my back and Mary's tears!

One day; I came home from school and the car was missing.....gone! "Gone to car heaven" my mother said, reassuringly! Dad replaced it with this insignificant, thin "modern" thing called a cortina! Ugh!

When night falls now, and the sky is clear I look up into the night and search the heavens for dads first black car with it's shiny fenders and Mary and the dog in the back window! Maybe one day...........!