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Predynastic - Old kingdom (4000 - 2000 BC)

A range of weapons is attested from finds in excavations.

arrow heads
mace heads

Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period (about 2000 - 1550 BC)

There are several kinds of original weapons preserved; scenes in tombs,
on coffins and wooden models found in tombs give further information.

a quiver (model)
a shield (model)
a shield (model)
bows and arrows painted on a coffin
some bows

New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC)

There are many original weapons preserved. Depictions in tombs and in temples give further information.
(click on the images to see galleries of the weapons)

arrow head
UC 15879
UC 15892

Late Period

The introduction of iron marks a crucial point of change in the development of weapon technology. However, at the time of the change, no objects of daily use were being placed into tombs (see burial customs), and there are few well-documented settlement sites of the period; therefore our knowledge about weapons of the Late Period is rather limited.

iron axes
scale armous
UC 40932
UC 63415, scale armous


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