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Thebes, the 'mortuary temple' of Tausret
(about 1194/93-1186/85 BC)

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plan reconstruction

finds in the Petrie Museum

Petrie 1897: 13-16: 'the site of the temple is in a levelled area (...). This area was levelled for some other purpose earlier than this temple, as the temple is not square with it. (...) Of the building of the temple only a few stones of the foundation remained (...). Otherwise the only evidence of it were the foundation trenches cut in the gravel and marl ground, to a depth of about five feet (1.5m). These trenches were all cleared in search of foundation deposits.'

It can be assumed that the building was never finished and already stopped at an early state of construction. The reconstruction on Digital Egypt for Universities shows just the foundation trenches and a layer of stone placed in them. This is a schematic neat version, rather than an accurate representation of its appearance at any moment of its history. At the back is reconstructed a small brick built chapel for the cult of the ruling queen (see kingship cult). With further building work the chapel would have been replaced by a stone construction.

further reading:

Porter/Moss 1972: 447


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