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Thebes, the 'mortuary temple' of Amenhotep II

plan of the temple (Petrie 1897: pl. XXIII)
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plan 3-d reconstruction of the moruary temple of Amenhotep II


The attribution of the building to Amenhotep II is secured by foundation deposits. The temple was rebuilt or renovated by Amenhotep III. Some objects found are inscribed with his name. The ancient name was perhaps: Sspt-anx.

Important finds:

Statue of the king as Osiris.Similar statues appear in almost all mortuary temples of kings in large scale.
kneeling statue of a king (Amenhotep II ?)
Relief showing Sitamun, daughter of Amenhotep III
UC 14664 UC 14664
UC 14665
UC 14665
UC 14373
Petrie 1897: pl. II. 2
Petrie 1897: pl. II. 3
Petrie 1897: pl. VI.8

other finds in the Petrie Museum

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