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Types of temples in ancient Egypt - range of forms

The great variety in sacred architecture in Egypt has tended to be obscured by the standardised plan of the largest surviving structures, though even these are far from uniform. The following table offers access to some of the range of forms. The rectilinear double-ended temple is a hypothetical proposal for the form of the lost temple of the sun-god Ra at Iunu/Heliopolis. That temple and the temple of Ptah at Memphis would have been the two most important religious centres of Egypt across all periods, and present the two greatest gaps in our knowledge of the ancient Egyptian temple.

circular form peristyle form terraced form lake form
rectilinear form, single axis rectilinear form, double axis rectilinear form, double-ended rock-cut form

A complex of temples might incorporate more than one form.

An existing temple might be extended in various ways:


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