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Stone vessels in Early Dynastic Egypt: examples

Stone vessels are among the commonest finds in the elite tombs of Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt. Most vessels are made from Egyptian calcite, but other materials such as siltstone are also common.

(click on the images to see the archaeological context - marked white or a larger picture of the vessel - marked yellow)

vessel (limestone) found in Lahun
vessel found in Tarkhan
andesite porphyry Vessel (Ballas)
black greywacke vessel in shape of vine leaf
vessel found in Qau
some others are made from siltstone
fragments of a siltstone bowl found in Gizeh
vessels found at Sedment
subsidiary tombs of a big mastaba at Gizeh
UC18153 bowl from Sedment


tomb 11, 15, 17, 18,


typology of Early Dynastic stone vessels

see an other example: UC 36987 (Abydos)

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