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Rock crystal: UC 25300

Rock crystal container cut to the form of a quadruped with short legs and tail (broken), long snout, and ears pointing back (broken). Rock crystal is a colourless, transparent form of quartz, It is found in Egypt in the Western Desert between the Fayum and Bahariya Oasis and in Sinai. It was used already in the predynastic period for small objects (beads, artificial eyes in statues). The material became especially popular in late Antiquity and in the Mediaeval Period, speaking in Egypt under Fatimid rule.

Date: Fatimid Period

UC 25300

other examples of rock crystal in the Petrie Museum

amulet, in shape of a falcon (about 3000 BC)
fragment of a vase with the name of king Hor-aha (about 3000 BC)
fragment found at Shurafa (late antiquity - early mediaeval)
UC 15275
UC 11751
UC 71148

Aston/Harrell/Shaw 2000: 53


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