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Sedment tomb 421

date: First Intermediate Period (about 2150 BC)

the location of the tomb



measurements of the tomb: 0.762 x 2.032 x 5.08 m

Petrie/Brunton 1924: 5, 6, pl. XIII.15 (photo of mask), XIV.4 (headrest), XVI.23 (mask), XXVII (coffin), XXXVI

Petrie describes the tomb (Petrie/Brunton 1924: 5):

"That of 421 is a burial important for dating. In a plain shaft without chamber, a well made dovetailed coffin was found, earlier than the XIIth dynasty. Beneath it was the coffin of Ha-ur-em-sekhti, open and plundered, with he head-rest. The cartonnage mask in that was much damaged, but was drwan restired (..). It is of earlier style than any other mask found here, as the lines of beads are drawn, and are not uniformly coloured bands as in the other instances. With this first burial was the jasper scarab with a hes vase."


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