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Sedment reliefs from New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) tomb chapels

Some of the chapels of the New Kingdom tombs were decorated with reliefs. Only a few blocks of these decorations were found, showing for example the tomb owner in front of Heryshef, the main deity of Heracleopolis. Some people buried in the New Kingdom in Sedment are high court officials (such as the vizier Parahotep or the general Paser). It is often hard to say why these officials were buried here, but the easiest explanation seems to be that this is the place where they were born.

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UC 14387 UC 14388 UC 14388 UC 14389 UC 1491

two blocks belonging together

The tomb owner is shown in adoration in front of a god. The inscription: 'Heryshef ('the one, who is on the lake'), the king of the two lands ... Herakleopolis' . The name Heryshef 'the one on his lake' might be reference to the temple of the god, where possibly a lake played an important part.

UC 14388

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