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Sedment tomb 274, the coffin and its contents

The coffin

The inscription on the outside (Petrie/Brunton 1924: pl. XII):

An offering given by the king (to) Anubis on his hill who is in the embalming place, lord of the sacred land, foremost of the divine booth, lord of Sepa (and to) Osiris, lord of Busiris, an offering of the sole friend, the lector-priest ...

section (drawing from the tomb card)

Petrie/Brunton 1924: 3: "The coffin was cut out of a single block, 93 3/4 inches (2.38 m) long, 34 1/2 (0.87 m) wide and 34 (0.86 m) high... The lid was of three boards, 1 1/2 inches thick".

On the inside of the coffin was painted in red ink an extended offering list

the headrest, found in the coffin

Petrie/Brunton 1924: pl. LXXXI


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