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Seals of an office

Name of a king and titles of an official, without the name of the official. This kind of seal appears already in the First Dynasty. In the Fourth Dynasty they become the main seals for officials. Names of officials do not appear any longer in the Old Kingdom on administrative seals. These seals do not belong to a single person, but were perhaps handed over from one holder of the office to the next.

Seal UC 11107 (King Djedkare; Fifth Dynasty)

UC 11107

blue: name of the king (Horus Djed-khau)

red: titles of an official (Hm-nTr njt wpwt wAjwt, Hm-nTr Hwt-Hr nfrt -
priest of Neit, who opens the ways, priest of Hathor, the beautiful)

Kaplony 1981: 311-312, no. 4; pl. 85.4


Seal UC 11106 (king Neferefre; Fifth Dynasty)

blue - xrp wsxt - controller of the broad hall
red - Srj-a-mAatj - the servant of the truth
green - smAa(tj)-wD - who makes the order truth

all other inscriptions are titulary of king Neferefre


Seal UC 11109 (king Pepy I; Sixth Dynasty)

UC 11109

UC 11109

red - Spss-njswt smr-pr mrwt nb.f ra nb - the nobleman of the king, friend of the house, beloved of his lord every day

blue - Sps-njswt jrr Hzzt nb.f - the nobleman of the king, who does what his lord praises

green - Spss-njswt smr-pr jrr Hzzt nTr.f - the nobleman of the king, friend of the house, who does what his god praises

all other inscriptions on the seal belong to the titulary of king Pepy I

Kaplony 1981: 379-380, no. 16; pl. 103.16




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