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Reliefs of the Mastaba of Tepemankh

see a plan of the chapel

New York 1999: 404-407, no. 150c-d (with the translations)

UC 14309

UC 14309

UC 14310 (click on the image for a translation of the text)

UC 14310

The mastaba was found by Mariette (Mariette 1889: 196-201). He recorded in his publication only the plan of the chapel, not the whole mastaba. The several blocks of the mastaba were sold to different collections in the world (New York 1999: 404). The two blocks in the Petrie Museum belong to a market scene. UC 14309 shows a harbour with craftsmen working. Next to it belongs Moscow I.I.a.5566 with the craftsmen on one side and a market scene- men and women buying and selling - on the other side. UC 14310 matches to the latter block and shows in the middle two men buying/selling.

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Hodjash/Berlev 1980


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