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Saqqara in the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC)

At the end of the 18th Dynasty Saqqara became the main burial place for officials of the royal court and other important people. There are already several tombs datable under Amenhotep III (vizier Aperel, high priest of Ptah Ptahmose), but most are from the time of Tutankhamun to the 19th Dynasty. The tomb chapels in Saqqara are temple-like structures; the larger ones have an open court and a small pyramid at the back (a reconstruction). The burial chambers were reached by a shaft.

The vizier Aperel
(Inscriptions from his tomb, copied by Petrie at Saqqara;
the tomb was rediscovered in recent years)

Blocks of New Kingdom tombs

lower half of a stela and block from the tomb (?) of the high priest of Ptah, Ptahmose
block showing a tomb chapel
king's scribe Iny
UC 14463
UC 14477
UC 408
UC 14471
UC 14471
Stewart 1976: 53, pl. 43.2
blocks from the same person were found at Memphis, Petrie/Mackay/
Wainwright 1910
: pl. XXXI



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