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Saqqara: Carian stelae

There are several stelae and other objects from Egypt with Carian inscriptions. Carian soldiers in Egypt are attested in other sources. A substantial community must have lived in Memphis (and buried at Saqqara). Carian is written with Greek letters. The language is not yet fully understood.

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UC 2403
UC 2405
UC 2406
UC 2407
UC 2403, falsedoor with Carian inscription
UC 2405, stela with Carian inscription
UC 2406, false door with Carian inscription
UC 2407, false  door with Carian inscription
Masson 1978: 43, pl. XXII, 1, 2
Masson 1978: 29, pl. VIII, 2
Masson 1978: 42-43, pl. XX.2

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