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Qau, tomb 2040

date: mid First Intermediate Period (about 2100 BC)

measurements: 0.66 x 2.28 x 2.28 m

undisturbed shaft tomb of a woman (Brunton 1927: 34; Brunton 1928: pl. LXI)

three pots type 28k in front of the face; a mirror under the head (all not in the Petrie Museum); at the feet two copper fasteners of a wooden box (see UC 20549). Long necklace at head (UC 20549); button seal UC 20548 was found at feet, together with the two grinders (UC 18919 and 18920) and a spatha shell (not in the Petrie Museum).

the finds

(for the selection of objects in the tomb compare: burial customs)

UC 20548 UC 20549
UC 20548 UC 18919

UC 19920


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