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Qau Tomb 734

Burial of an adult woman in a simple shaft tomb
(for the selection of objects in the tomb compare: burial customs)

date: Middle Kingdom (Twelfth Dynasty)

Brunton 1930: 1: 'Adult female, extended on the left side. Pot 60n in N.E. corner, with the dish 2fe vertical at north end.'
Following the description of Brunton the following reconstruction of the jewellery at the woman's body can be made. There are some uncertainties about the reconstruction: not all the jewellery is in the Petrie Museum, and it is not mentioned whether the beads on the arm were found on the left or right arm.

Click on the jewellery in the drawing: items of jewellery without link are not in the Petrie Museum

Brunton 1930: 1, pl. II (tomb register)


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