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Tomb of Wahka II (Petrie: Wahka B)
(date: Senusret III - Amenemhat III; about 1870-1800 BC)

rough plan of the tomb, after Petrie 1930: pl. VI

parts of this tombs were decorated with paintings:

wall (making offerings)

wall (birds catching)

wall (offerings and offering bearer)

wall (dancers)

the ceiling of the great hall

3D reconstruction

Finds from the tomb in the Petrie Museum (click on the images to see a larger picture)

part of a statue
part of a statue
calcite vessel
brick ?

Fragments of statues

other fragments of statues

UC 31283 | UC 31284 (head fragment) | UC 31285 | UC 31286a (toe) | UC 31286b (toe) | 31287a | 31287b |

other stone fragments

UC 31281a | UC 31281b


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