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How a pyramid was built

The Place

The following reasons might have been important for selecting a site:

Beginning of the building

Most of the kings might have begun already very early in their reigns to build their pyramid, though there are only few sources for the start of construction.

how to bring stones on top of the building
how the angle of the pyramids were calculated
the builder of the pyramid
the top piece of a pyramid

Only little is known about the building process of a pyramid; for discussion in literature see

  • Arnold 1991 (on stone building in Egypt in general; the most important book on the subject)
  • Arnold 2000 (on pyramid building in general)
  • Hampikian 1998 (on how the pyramidion was placed on the pyramid)
  • Hawass 1998 (evidence at the pyramid of Khufu at Gizeh)




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