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Pottery in the Middle Kingdom

Some typical forms of the Middle Kingdom. Early Middle Kingdom pottery is still very much in the tradition of the First Intermediate Period. There are several local styles.

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Early Middle Kingdom

Examples from Upper Egypt

UC 16162 UC 16161 UC 18272; Badari tomb 5301 UC 18113, Qau tomb 5219 UC 18106

Example from Lower Egypt (Sedment)

UC 18232 UC 18162 UC 18148, UC 18149 UC 18182, Sedment UC 18195

Vessels from the Late Middle Kingdom (mid-12th to 13th Dynasty)

UC 18379 UC 18365 UC 18457 UC 18458 UC 18355
UC 18485 UC 18486 UC 18483 UC 18490

UC 18480 UC 18482 UC 18491 UC 18460, from Kafr Ammar UC 18459

UC 18594 UC 18606

drinking bowls (early and late Middle Kingdom)

There is a general development over time from rather flat drinking bowls to quite high forms.

Sedment (early Twelfth Dynasty)
from Abydos
from Lahun

from Lahun (late 12th Dynasty or 13th Dynasty)
Rifeh (early Twelfth Dynasty)

further reading:

  • Arnold 1982: 60-62 (on the development of the drinking bowls in the Middle Kingdom)
  • Kemp/Merrillees 1980 (on Minoan pottery found in Egypt, including brad discussion on Middle Kingdom pottery)


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