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Badarian Pottery

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Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 21-24 divided the pottery into several classes:

Class BB: black-topped brown polished, very fine (the earliest pottery from Badari)

UC 9102 UC 9045


Class BR: black-topped polished red

UC 9093


Class SB: smooth brown pots

UC 9044 UC 9082


Class RB: rough class (the latest pottery)

UC 9063 UC 9078


Description of the pottery:
handmade, surface is covered with fine rippling

UC 9045

(detail of UC 9045)

the better class of pottery had a slip; the colour of the wash varies according to the degree of heat used in firing and to the amount of oxygen present:

black surface - absence of oxygen;
bright red is maximum oxygen, clay is mostly very fine grained

Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 21-26 (one of the first reports and descriptions of Badarian pottery)



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