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Pottery in the Third Intermediate

In a recent monograph David Aston (Aston 1996: 59-78) has divided the pottery of the Third Intermediate Period in several phases (including two sub-phases). The following collection of late New Kingdom (about 1200-1069 BC) and Third Intermediate Period pottery follows in general Aston without a further division into phases. The chart should be taken with great caution as a generalised picture of Third Intermediate Period pottery; it should be noted that most types significant for a phase are not represented in the Petrie Museum. Several types are only placed here because of a general similarity to the types discussed by Aston..

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storage jars
UC 66906

open forms (vessel)
UC 19308 UC 19215 UC 19217

closed forms
UC 19282

bottle shaped vessels
UC 19112 UC 19340 UC 19210 UC 19213 UC 19208


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