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Nubia: Shaheinab (Khartoum Neolithic)

The site of Shaheinab was excavated 1949-1950 by A.J. Arkell for the Sudan Antiquities Service. Shaheinab is located between Jebel Aulia and the Sixth Cataract. Stone implements similar to the Fayum Neolithic were found on the surface. It is the site of a Neolithic culture (Khartoum Neolithic). Two or three animal species were already domesticated: dwarf domestic goat (Capra sp.), twisted horned goat or sheep (Capra or Ovis sp.) and perhaps one other variety of sheep (ovis) (though the latter is only known from one bone). However, 98 per cent of the animal bones found belong to wild specimens.

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UC 14000 UC 14005 UC 14004 UC 14007

UC 14029 UC 14030 UC 14032 UC 14034 UC 14031

UC 14057 UC 14058 UC 14059 UC 14061

There are several types of pottery: the two most common are:
1. Dotted wavy line ware
(a series of four to six wavy lines with dots impressed on those lines; Arkell 1953: 68);

2. Impressed ware
(very similar to the pottery of the Khartoum Neolithic; Arkell 1953: 69);

UC 14093 UC 14091 UC 14092 UC 14098
UC 14102 UC 14106 UC 14127 UC 14129

Arkell 1953 (the excavation report)


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