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Nubia: Mesolithic and earliest Neolithic

'Early Khartoum' and 'Shaheinab' are two Neolithic cultures (named after their findspots - Early Khartoum was found very close to modern Khartoum; the culture of Shaheinab is today called 'Khartoum Neolithic') in Nubia. They both produced decorated pottery and are also in their stone and bone tools very similar. However, there are no signs for animal or plant domestication in 'Early Khartoum', whereas domesticated animals are present in the 'Khartoum Neolithic'.

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Early Khartoum - about
8000 - 5000 BC
Khartoum Neolithic - Shaheinab - about 3800 - 3400 BC
UC 13940
UC 14106


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