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Predynastic Egypt - sites

Abusir el-Meleq

Site of a late Predynastic cemetery


The cemetery of the First Dynasty kings was already important in the Naqada Period. Recent excavation found the large tomb (U-j) of a ruler of the Naqada Period.

El Adaima

Site of the Naqada period; since 1988; French excavations in settlement and cemetery (the web site)


Small but well documented cemetery in Upper Egypt. W. Kaiser used the cemetery for developing his Naqada Period chronology (Stufen I-III).


Important site in Lower Egypt. Finds illustrate the development of cultures in Lower Egypt from prehistory to the Old Kingdom.


City and cemeteries on the east bank of the Nile opposite Hierakonpolis.


A small cemetery of the Naqada Period.


Heliopolis is the site of a Predynastic cemetery belonging to the Maadi-culture

Debono/Mortensen 1990 (the excavation report)


Large settlement and cemetery site near Cairo, the Maadi culture was named after the site.

Rizkana/Seeher 1987; Rizkana/Seeher 1988; Rizkana/Seeher 1989; Rizkana/Seeher 1990 (the excavation reports)


A cemetery dating from Naqada to the Early Dynastic Period


Cemetery and site in Middle Egypt, Naqada Period

Minshat Abu Omar (Minshat Abu Umar)
(30°53' N 32°01'E)

A cemetery dating from Naqada to the Early Dynastic Period

Naga ed-Deir

A series of cemeteries including tombs of Early Dynastic date.


A Neolithic settlement in the vicinity of Wadi Hof. The Omari culture is called after the site.


Important cemetery in Nubia; may be the burial place of some local rulers. The finds show the high level of development.


Small cemetery in Middle Egypt. The local material culture has been named 'Tasian', but not all archaeologists accept the existence of a separate Tasian culture.


Naqada Period cemetery near modern Cairo

Wadi Digla

Small Maadi Period cemetery


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