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Naqada Tomb 624

Sequence Date: 64 (about 3300 BC)
(the tomb is not mentioned in the notebooks)

Finds in the Petrie Museum:

D15 UC 4326
D68 UC 4327

all: R34C

R36 UC 5993

Malachite lump UC 4332
Lapis lazuli bead UC 5011

Not in the Petrie Museum:

D10C (right-Oxford Ashmolean 95.608)

D11C (left - Oxford Ashmolean Museum 95.572)

R65-66 (Berlin 12930, left, picture shows R65)

L7A (Munich 1129, height: about 3 cm)

L 53K (Berlin 12944 right, height: about 11.5 cm)


Baumgartel 1970: XXV

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