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Naqada Tomb 1863

cylinder seal UC 5374, Limestone 1.75 x 1.5 cm,

Most probably an import from Mesopotamia

stone vase
UC 5374

bone comb (Petrie 1920: pl. XXIX.15)
UC 5375 UC 5371

Beads UC 5005

Ivory armlets

cosmetic palette in Chicago, Oriental Insitute, 876

The pottery is in various places:

P23C, Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum E43.1896 (left)

P24N, Copenhagen National Museum 4334 (middle)

P95A, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum E42.1896 (right, height: about 13 cm)

N24, Oxford Asmolean Museum 95.506 and UC 5376 (fragments)

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