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Naqada, mastaba ("tomb of Menes") of the Early First Dynasty

The "Tomb of Menes" was discovered in 1897 by J. de Morgan. It is located in the South of the Naqada cemeteries (not marked on the map). This palace facade mastaba is so far the earliest known of this type. The owner of the mastaba is unknown, but Menes and a (female?) person called Neithotep, known from many monuments of the early First Dynasty, have been suggested.

A pot sherd with ink inscription in the Petrie Museum

UC 17507

The following bowls were acquired by Petrie; he suggested that they may have come from this tomb.
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UC 41113 UC 41114 UC 41115 UC 41116
UC 41117 UC 41118 UC 41119 UC 41120



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