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Mummy labels (limestone): a gallery

Mummies in the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods often had a label with an inscription in Greek or demotic, more rarely in hieroglyphs, giving the name and sometimes further information on the dead person. There is an extensive collection in the Petrie Museum, the most distinctive portion being the hieroglyphic and demotic limestone labels found by Petrie in early Roman Period burials at Dendereh. In addition there are wooden labels, mainly from other sites such as Akhmim.

The sheer quantity of mummy labels in collections around the world makes them an invaluable virtual census for Ptolemaic and early Roman Period; unfortunately the bodies to which the labels were attached have rarely survived or been recorded.

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UC 34462
UC 34463
UC 34464
UC 34465
UC 34466
UC 34467
UC 34468
UC 34468 (back)
UC 34469
UC 34470
UC 34472
UC 34473
UC 34474
UC 34475
UC 34476
UC 34477
UC 34478
UC 34479

other mummy labels:

UC 34462-UC34479 | UC 34479-UC34489/UC39568-UC39574 | UC 39575-UC 39592 |
UC 39593-UC 39602/UC 45616 | UC 45603-45620 | UC 45621-UC 45629



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