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Middle Kingdom sites

Many sites of the Middle Kingdom are represented on Digital Egypt for Universities. Significantly, there are almost no sites which cover the whole range of that period. At some places tombs and artefacts of the Early Middle Kingdom (mainly Eleventh Dynasty) were found (Badari/Qau/Sedment); while the Twelfth Dynasty is not well represented there. Other sites yielded mainly material of the late Twelfth Dynasty, leading seamlessly into the Thirteenth (Harageh, Hawara).

Important Middle Kingdom sites on Digital Egypt

the cult centre of Osiris, a few tomb groups, many stelae from the site
Important rock cut tombs of provincial governors

Sites of the Early Middle Kingdom with several tomb groups or some monuments.

Provincial cemeteries
a rich provincial cemetery
the capital of the Eleventh Dynasty

Following sites are represented on Digital Egypt with only some few tomb groups or single objects

objects from a tomb of a mayor
a Nubian fortress
the residential cemetery under Amenemhat III
a tomb of the late Twelfth Dynasty
Royal reliefs from the temple of Min

the residential cemetery under Senusret II
seals and seal impressions from a town site
a provincial cemetery
copper mining site



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