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Typology of ewers/washing dishes in the Old Kingdom

Second Dynasty

Abydos tomb V of king Khasekhemwy

UC 8569/8570

Second Dynasty

Saqqara, tomb 2436, Radwan 1983: 20, no. 61

Third Dynasty

Bet Khallaf, date: Sanakht; Radian 1983: 38, pl. 17 (90)

Third Dynasty

unknown provenance UC 8534, Radwan 1983: 39-40, no. 102

Fourth Dynasty

Gizeh, tomb of Queen Hetepheres, wife of king Khufu, Radwan 1983: pl. 22 (119A+B)

Sixth Dynasty

Saqqara, mastaba of Tjetju, Radwan 1983: pl. 27 (146B)

washing dishes | examples in the Petrie Museum



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