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Persian Period objects from Memphis

Achaemenid Iranian seal impressions from Memphis (palace of Apries)

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UC 58384, Persian seal  impression UC 58422, Persian seal impression UC 58385, Persian seal impression UC 58386, Persian seal impression

Some seals published by Petrie
(Petrie/Mackay/Wainwright 1910: 41, pl. XXXVI: 'The principal discovery at the palace was at the west end of the fosse, on the southern side. There, beneath a berm which contained a late Ptolemaic coin, we found a layer of dust and rubbish, which contained the sweepings of an office... In this dust were dozens of clay sealings from parcels -none from papyri- ... and a dozen of labels of wood split very thin.')

Palace of Apries, Persian seals


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