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There are about 300 faience vessels of the Greek type called 'oinochoai', with the image of a standing Ptolemaic queen in high relief. Most of them come from Alexandria, though some were found at Naukratis and Memphis (and even at places outside of Egypt). They often have an inscription naming Arsinoe II, Berenike II or a Ptolemaic king. The inscriptions imply that the contents of the vessel (maybe wine) were dedicated to the named recipient.

It is thought that these vessels were used in the festivals celebrated for the Ptolemaic queens.

UC 2332, fragment of an 'Oinochai'; found at Memphis Fragment of queen's head from an oinochoae; probably from Memphis. (click on the picture for a larger image)
UC 2332, fragment of an 'Oinochai'; found at Memphis Fragments of the figure of a queen (click on the image for a larger picture)


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