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Memphis: palace of Apries: the gateway

In front of the main entrance of the palace were found in the fosse several fragments of limestone relief. They must have belonged to a prominent decorated gateway. The exact reconstruction of the reliefs is still under discussion. The original emplacement of the reliefs is not known for certain, because they were found in this secondary deposit (the ditch) and not in situ (at an identifiable gateway position). Digital Egypt for Universities offers more than one possible version, to promote discussion: in one version, the reliefs form part of a separated gateway, in another the reliefs are decoration of the palace entranceway.

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the reconstruction by Petrie
the reconstruction by Kaiser
Petrie 1909: pls. III-IX
Kaiser 1987: fig. 4

fragments of the gate in the Petrie Museum - the placed fragment is marked red on the reconstruction
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placed fragment
unplaced fragment
UC 15859 UC 15858


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