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Reading a passage from an Ancient Egyptian healing manuscript

The potential and problems in reading ancient Egyptian manuscripts may be seen from the second passage of UC 32057, the so-called gynaecological papyrus (also known as the Kahun Medical Papyrus).

Examination of a woman who is ill from her womb wandering
You should say of it 'what do you smell'
If she tells you 'I smell roasting'
You should say of it 'it is wrappings (?) of the womb'
You should treat it by fumigating her with whatever she smells as roast'

Some questions to ask:

What is the manuscript for?

What is the status of the individuals present implicitly or explicitly in this manuscript?

What is the context of this passage within the manuscript?

What kind of language is being used?

What is the illness to be treated?

What is the diagnosis?

What is the treatment?

What are the materials used?

What would the effect of that treatment have been?


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