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At Abydos is the cemetery of the first kings who ruled all Egypt- click here to see the site -


See the tomb of King Qaa, the last king of the first Dynasty

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Another important tomb belongs to king Djer. The excavator Petrie discovered a substantial amount of foreign pottery here.

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- see a map of all kings' tombs found in Abydos-

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The kings' tombs were built out in the desert, and in addition each king built a large enclosure beside the cultivated lands

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Tarkhan is a huge cemetery, with roughly 2000 tombs, contemporary with the kings' tombs from Abydos

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In Tarkhan Petrie excavated several massive tombs built in a style imported from ancient Iraq

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In Tarkhan tomb 414 were found early examples of writing

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Several inscribed objects in Tarkhan tomb 414 mention king Narmer.

Narmer is often considered as the founder of Egypt, as a unified kingdom

King Narmer


The tombs of Tarkhan are very useful for studying the different burial customs of men and women

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Typical for Early Dynastic Egypt are the stone vessels, made from limestone and other stones

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Pottery is very important for archaeology. See the 10 most common types of the time

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Egyptian art developed in Early Dynastic the features which were used over the following 3000 years

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Early Dynastic Egypt is a Bronze age culture.

Although metal (mostly copper rather than bronze) was often used, stone tools are still very common.

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There are several attestations for trade with other cultures in Early Dynastic times.

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Sites with finds from Early Dynastic Egypt are found throughout Egypt: see the maps.

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Other areas to explore include

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