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Book of the Dead Chapter 83 (picture)

This chapter is among the Formulae for assuming the shape of a divine being animal, or bird. The following version is from that found in Papyrus Cairo 2512, an Eighteenth Dynasty manuscript.

r n irt xprw m bnw
pA.n.i m pAwty xpr.n.i m xpri
rwd.i m rwdw StAn.i m Stw
ink dqA n nTrw nbw
ink sf pn sdw arwt psdt ipn xprw imnty
sHD Hr m-drt mtr.f r stX
DHwty imywt.sn m wpwt.s twy
xnty xm Hna bAw iwnw
mw nw mw imywt.sn
ii.n.i m hrw xa.kwi m nTrw
ink xnsw dndn nbw

Formula for taking the form of the benu-bird

I have flown up as the primeval one, and become Khepri,
I am grown as a plant, I am sheltered as a turtle
I am the fruit for all the gods
Mine is this yesterday of the tails of cobras, that Ennead, beings of the West
Whom Horus has illumined by his hand, Who witnesses against Seth
The Thoth among them in this their mission
Foremost of Khem with the powers of Iunu
Water of the water between them
I am come by day, arisen from the gods
I am Khons who fights the masters


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