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Book of the Dead Chapter 151

(picture of the fragments on the papyrus of Hepres UC 71000 during conservation)

This is a compilation amounting to a visual projection of the embalming tent (as opposed to the burial chamber), with short passages allotted to each of the divine forces there. At the centre stands jackal-headed Anubis as the divine embalmer, over a bed supporting the mummy or coffin. On either side kneels a goddess, at the head Isis, and at the feet Nephthys. At each corner of the tent was placed a protective figure, inserted into a mud brick: the four items were shabti figure, djed-pillar amulet, torch and Anubis jackal. The four children of Horus were also there, in their duty as protectors of the soft internal organs.

The compilation, more a captioned picture than an illustrated text, occupies the full height of the papyrus, a distinction shared with few other Book of the Dead vignettes. No two versions are identical. The following passages are from the synoptic edition of the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) manuscripts published by Barbara Luscher

(a) Words of Anubis

Dd-mdw in inpw xnt sH-nTr
rdi.n.f awy.fy Hr nb-anx
DbA.n.f sw m irwt.f
i.nD Hr.k nfr-Hr nb mAwt Ts.n ptH-skry skA.n inpw
rdi.n n.f sTsw Sw Hr nfr imy nTrw
irt.k wnmt m sktt irt.k iAbtt m mandt
iw inHwy.ky m psdt iw wpt.k m inpw
iw mkHA.k m Hr iw Dbaw.k m DHwty
iw Hnskt.k m ptH-skry
iw.k m HAt wsir N mAA.f im.k
sSm.k sw r wAwt nfrt hHw.f n.k smAyt swty
sxr.f n.k xftyw.k xr psDt aAt m Hwt wrt imt iwnw
iT.f wrrt im xr Hr nb pat

Words spoken by Anubis foremost of the divine tent
When he has place his hands over the lord of life (= the coffin)
When he has wrapped it by his craft
Words spoken:
Hail beautiful of face, lord of sight, bound by Ptah-Sokar, raised by Anubis
Whom there has been given the pillars of Shu, beautiful face that is in the gods
your right eye is the Evening Boat, your left eye the Morning Boat
Your eyebrows are the Nine Gods, your brow is Anubis
Your brow is Horus, your fingers Thoth
Your tress is Ptah-Sokar
You are at the fore of the Osiris N, so he may see by you
May you guide him to the fair ways, that he may smite the gang of Seth for you
that he may fell your foes for you before the great Ennead in the great temple in Iunu
and take the Great (White) Crown there before Horus lord of the nobles

(b) Words of Isis

Dd-mdw in ist
ii.n.i m sA.k Hw.n.i TAw r Srt.k
mHyt prt m itm
sAq.n.i n.k Htyt.k rdi.n.i wn.k m nTr
xftyw.k Xr tbwty.k smAa xrw.k m pt xr ra
wsr.ti m-m nTrw xnm.ti m Tst r ir Sm.k Smt Hr mAa-xrw

Words spoken by Isis
I have come as your protection, I have driven breath to your nostril
the north wind that comes from Atum
I have gathered your neck for you, I have caused you to exist as a god
Your enemies are under your sandals, your voice is made true in the sky before Ra
Mighty among gods, joined in the knot to make you go the way of Horus true of voice

(c) Words of Nephthys

Dd-mdw in nbt-Hwt
pXr.n.i HA sn.i wsir
ii.n.i wnn.i m sA.k
mkt.i HA.k sp sn Dt
sDm nis.k in ra smAa xrw.k in nTrw
Ts.tw mAa-xrw.k Hr irt r.k
sxr.n ptH xftyw.k
ntk Hr sA HwtHr
wD ir.tw r irr.k
nn nHm.tw tp.k m-a.k r nHH

Words spoken by Nephthys
I have circled my brother Osiris
I have come to be your protection
My protection is behind you, behind you, eternally
your summons is heard by Ra, your voice made true by the gods
Your justification is raised after what was done against you
Ptah has felled your enemies
You are Horus son of Hathor
There is decreed action against your wrongdoer
Your head is not to be taken from you for eternity

(d) the figure

ii spsw nn di.i spsw.k
ii r wd nn di.i wd.k
iw.i r sps.k iw.i r wdt.k iw.i m sA wsir N

O one who comes to wrestle, I will not let you wrestle
O one who comes to attack, I will not let you attack
I will be your wrestler, I will be your attacker, I am the protector of the Osiris N

(e) the djed pillar

ii m HHy xsfwt
kAp-Hr sHD kAp.f
ink aHa HA Dd
ink irf aHa HA Dd hrw xsf Sat
iw.i m sA wsir N

O one who comes in search for the approach
Veiled of face who illuminates his veil
I am the one who stands behind the djed pillar
I am indeed the one who stands behind the djed pillar, the day of repelling slaughter
I am the protector of the Osiris N

(f) the torch

ink iH Sa r Dba imnt
xsf a xsf sw r tkA smt
iw stA.n.i smt iw stnm.n.i wAwt
iw.i m sA wsir N

I am the one who snares the sand at the wall of the hidden chamber
the active combatant who repels him to the flame of the desert
I have set alight the desert, I have deflected the ways
I am the protector of the Osiris N

(g) the figure of Anubis
rs tp.k rs tpy dw
At.k xsf.ti
iw xsf.n.i At.k Adw
iw.i m sA wsir N

Wake, watch, O one who is one the mountain
your moment is repelled
I have repelled your moment, agressor
I am the protector of the Osiris N

The four children of Horus:

Dd-mdw in qbH-snw.f
ink sA.k wsir ii.n.i wnn.i m sA.k
dmd.n.i n.k qsw.k sAq.n.i n.k Haw.k
in.n.i n.k ib.k di.n.i n.k sw hHr st.f m Xt.k
srwd.n.i pr.k m-xt.k anx.ti Dt

Words spoken by Qebehsenuef
I am your son, Osiris, I have come to be your protection
I have united your bones for you, I have assembled your limbs for you
I have brought you your heart, and placed it for you at its place in your body
I have strengthened your house after you, as you live, eternally

Dd-mdw in Hpy
ii.n.i wnn.i m sA.k
Ts.n.i n.k tp.k awt.k
Hw.n.i n.k xftyw.k Xr.k rdi.n.i n.k tp.k Dt

Words spoken by Hapy
I have come to be your protection
I have bound your head and your limbs for you
I have smitten you enemies beneath you for you, and given you your head, eternally

Dd-mdw in dwA-mwt.f
ink sA.k wsir ink sA.k Hr mry.k
ii.n.i nD.i it.i wsir m-a ir nk.f
di.i sw Xr rdwy.ky Dt

Words spoken by Duamutef
I am your son, Osiris, I am your son Horus, your beloved
I have come to rescue my father Osiris from his assailant
I place him under your legs, eternally

Dd-mdw in imsti
ink sA.k wsir ii.n.i wnn.i m sA.k
srwd.n.i pr.k mn mn
m wD.n ptH mi wddt ra Ds.f

Words spoken by Imseti
I am your son, Osiris, I have come to be your protection
I have strengthened your house enduringly
As Ptah decreed in accordance with what Ra himself decrees



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