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Book of the Dead Chapter 119 and Chapter 7

Source for the composition: before the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC), chapter 119 occurs in a complex funerary composition written on the floor of early Middle Kingdom coffins from Bersha, the 'Book of Two Ways ('Coffin Texts', numbers 1082, 1085), and its content recurs in the Book of the Dead as the address by the deceased to the first of seven portals (Chapter 147a); chapter 7, not attested before the New Kingdom, is a ritual pronouncement with reference to a wax figure. The two chapters are found together in several manuscripts; the following version is taken from the Eighteenth Dynasty papyrus Cairo 2512:

(1) Chapter 119

r n rx rn n wsir aq pr m r-sTAw

ink wr stwt.f
ii.n.i xr.k wsir dwA.i tw
wab.kwi im.k irr m r-sTAw xr im.f
i.ndD Hr.k wsir m sxm.k m wsr.k
sxm.k m r-sTAw wsr pw m AbDw
pXr.k pt Xn.k ra mAn tw rxyt
wa dbn.n ra is mk Dd.i n wsir ink sAH nTr aA
Dd.i xpr.f xsf.i Hr.k

Formula for knowing the name of Osiris, coming and going in Rosetjau

I am the Great One of his light
I have come to you Osiris, to adore you
I am pure from you, generated in Rosetjau, fallen from him
Hail Osiris, in your might, in your power
May you be mighty in Rosetjau, that is the power in Abydos
May you circle the sky, may you ferry Ra so that the people may see you
Sole one, whom Ra circles, see now, I tell Osiris, I am a noble of the great god
I speak, it happens; I come close to your face

(2) Chapter 7:

r n sn Ts aApp
i mnH HAq iT awA anx m nnyw
n gA.i (n) aq mtwt.k m Haw.i tm.i gr n.k
n aq.k m Haw.i ipn
ink wa xnty nwn
iw.i mkt nt nTrw nbw Dt
StAw Dsr st HHw
ink imy.sn pr.i Hna itm
ink n ippw wDA.kwi sp sn

Formula for passing the sandbank of Aapep

O one of wax, who plunders and seizes by violence, who lives on the weary
I am not inert, your poison does not enter my body, I will not be silent at you
You cannot enter this my body
I am the sole one at the fore of Nun
I am the protection of every god, eternally
Secret, separated in place from millions
I am the one among them, emerging with Atum
I am the one not counted, in my health, in my health


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