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Book of the Dead Chapter 77

Sources for the composition: before the New Kingdom, this transformation formula occurs on early Middle Kingdom coffins ('Coffin Texts' number 302).

This chapter is among the Formulae for assuming the shape of a divine being animal, or bird. The following version is from that found in the Book of the Dead of Nu (British Museum ESA 10477: Lapp 1997: pl.27-28).

r n irt xprw m bik n nwb
iw.i xa.kwi sp sn m bik aA pr m swHt.f
pA.n.i xnn.n.i m bik n mH fd m psd.f
dnHwy.fy m wAD Sma
pr.n.i m afdt sktt
iw in.n.i ib.i m Dw iAbty
xnn.n.i m andt
iw in.n.i imyw pAwt.sn m ksw di.sn n.i iAw
xa.kwi dmd.kwi m bik nfr n nwb tp bnw
aq ra Hr sDM mdw.f ra nb
Hms.i r imywt nTrw ipw wrw n nwt
wAH n.i sxty Htp m-bAH.i
wnm.i im.f Ax.i im.f
baH.i Ssp ib.i
rdi.n n.i npri Htyt
sxm.i m iry tp.i

Formula for taking the form of a falcon of gold
I am risen, I am risen as a great falcon emerging from his egg,
I fly up and alight as a falcon of four cubits in length,
its two wings of fine greenstone,
I have come from the chest of the evening boat.
I have brought my heart from the eastern mountain.
I have alighted in the morning boat.
I have brought those who are in their offerings bowing down, to give me praise.
I am risen, I am complete, as the beautiful falcon of gold upon the heron-perch.
whose words Ra goes in to hear every day.
I sit among those great gods of the Sky-water,
the two fields of Hetep are laid for me in my presence,
my abundance receives my heart.
Nepri has given me a throat,
I have power over the keeper of my head.


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