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Book of the Dead Chapter 7

Source for the composition: chapter 7 is not attested before the New Kingdom. It is a ritual pronouncement with reference to a wax figure, and is found together with chapter 119 in several manuscripts, including that of Hepres, UC 71000; the following version is taken from the Eighteenth Dynasty papyrus Cairo 2512:

r n sn Ts aApp
i mnH HAq iT awA anx m nnyw
n gA.i (n) aq mtwt.k m Haw.i tm.i gr n.k
n aq.k  m Haw.i ipn
ink wa xnty nwn
iw.i mkt nt ntrw nbw Dt
StAw Dsr st HHw
ink imy.sn pr.i Hna itm
ink n ippw wDA.kwi sp sn

Formula for passing the sandbank of Aapep

O one of wax, who plunders and seizes by violence, who lives on the weary
I am not inert, your poison does not enter my body, I will not be silent at you
You cannot enter this my body
I am the sole one at the fore of Nun
I am the protection of every god, eternally
Secret, separated in place from millions
I am the one among them, emerging with Atum
I am the one not counted, in my health, in my health


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